RVSD Mission and Goals

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide the quality educational experience all students deserve, which is grounded in best practices, reflects the highest academic standards, and is responsive to community expectations. We keep the focus on our students, and we are committed to providing a program of academic excellence, cultural richness, social, emotional, and physical development that educates, supports, challenges and inspires the whole child.

    Ross Valley School District Goals and Objectives for 2021-22 (adopted 2016-17)

    GOAL 1
    Every student in RVSD will have access to high quality teaching and learning.


        1. Focus on key elements of Common Core State Standards by developing and implementing the RVSD Teaching & Learning Framework. (TL)

        2. Identify and develop teacher leaders to support best practices in instruction. (C2, TL, WB)
        3. Allocate resources to ensure sustainability. (FS)

    GOAL 2
    Create teaching and learning environments that foster highly engaged and joyful learners.


      1. Set high expectations so every student has the opportunity to reach his/her unique potential. (C2, TL)
      2. Maintain a positive school climate that celebrates student success. (C2, TL, WB)
      3. Utilize focused and differentiated strategies to engage all students in learning. (C2, TL, WB)

    GOAL 3
    Make commitments to stakeholders and work collaboratively to keep them.


        1. Expand family involvement and community partnerships. (C2, FS, WB)
        2. Continue allocating Measure A bond funds toward successful completion of facilities projects at each district school site. (C2, FS, WB)
        3. Support, nurture, value and maintain high quality professional certificated, classified and administrative staff. (C2, FS, TL, WB) 
        4. Align practices and priorities to the Local Control Accountability Plan and continue calibrating the LCAP to promote success for all students. (C2, FS, TL, WB)


    Key Focus Areas

    Culture and Climate (C2)
    Teaching and Learning (TL)
    Fiscal Stewardship (FS)
    Well-Being (WB)