• Hello Wildcat Community,

    We have had a fantastic start to the school year! The energy from our students, the dedication of our staff, and the support from our families have all contributed to a successful launch of the academic year. In this month’s newsletter, we want to highlight some upcoming events, share with you a little more about some of the programming at White Hill and showcase student’s classroom experiences happening at White Hill. We look forward to the continued partnership with you as we strive for a year filled with growth and achievement.

    Mary-Clare Mullin & John Baker

    Back-to-School Night - Sep. 14
    Parent Club Meeting - Sep. 19
    Holiday (No School) - Sep. 25
    Parent Coffee Chat - Sep. 26
    Family & Community BBQ - Oct. 6
    At White Hill, we aim to support students in developing the skills they need to become successful academically as well as socially-emotionally. Throughout the year, we address topics to help students acquire and apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. These lessons may be taught explicitly in classrooms and are also embedded in our overall school culture and environment. 

    For the August and September months our learning focus is around Community and Belonging. This month students will learn about tools for self and social awareness, as well as deepen their relationship skills. Students will receive information about these topics through: 

    • A lesson in their Advisory class

    • A learning module though Kognito Friend 2 Friend: Safe & Caring Schools

    • Student Wellness Ambassadors

    • Assemblies



    On Friday, September 29th we will be having an assembly with a guest speaker,  Paul Schwarzbart. Mr. Schwarzbart is a survivor of the Holocaust. He will be coming to talk with students about his story and share themes that he has carried into his life. His firsthand account serves as a powerful educational tool, helping students gain a deeper understanding of the direct experiences of individuals and the importance of empathy, respect, and inclusion. We want to emphasize that this presentation will be conducted with the utmost care and sensitivity to students' needs. Students will have an opportunity to prepare for and reflect on the assembly in their advisory classes. We encourage you to  engage in a thoughtful conversation with your student  before and after the event, as well, to provide them with the necessary context and emotional support. If you have concerns about your student participating in this assembly, please reach out to us at whprincipals@rossvalleyschools.org





    Ms. Moore & Mr. Hardin's 8th Grade Science Class

    To kick off the year, students in 8th Grade Science experienced a two day exploratory lab with Mr. Hardin and Ms. Moore. Students rotated between four science stations. Students learned about bee hives and how humans impact the ecosystems of bees, how electricity goes through a battery to produce light, how various chemicals combine to form chemical reactions, and how microscopes work by viewing the spores from the Sword Fern - a local native plant. Thank you to YES for providing our microscopes!


    Ms. Wild's 7th Grade English Class

    In Mrs. Wild’s 7th Grade English Class students were asked to use their inferencing skills to solve the murder of Mr. Bear by exploring a fictitious crime scene created in class. Students became detectives and used clues to infer the date of the murder, who was in the room, and who was the murderer. The ability to infer in texts (and beyond) is a critical academic skill students will be able to practice throughout the year in many classes.