Stand Up for Racial Equity (SURE)

  • SURE (Stand Up for Racial Equity) is an organization built for and by parents/guardians to promote racial equity awareness and practices in the RVSD community.


    SURE Mission Statement

    SURE is a democratic organization with the ambition to represent and elevate the voice of each person within the community of RVSD families, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or national origin.

    SURE will strive to provide brave spaces to parents/guardians where their experiences inside RVSD can be safely expressed, acknowledged, and addressed.

    SURE will act for the benefit of all members of the RVSD community.

    SURE stands by the RVSD Racial Equity Mission Statement and actively supports the RVSD’s racial equity mission by partnering with the RVSD and its Racial Equity Task Force to implement the RVSD’s equity action plan. 

  • SURE Core Values

    We believe:
    Diversity makes us stronger and more innovative in our decision-making processes and actions.
    Inclusion makes our actions relevant.
    Equity makes us fair and aware.

    We communicate and act with: TransparencyOpennessWillingnessHonesty, and Respect, to build Trust. We will demonstrate Solidarity inside our organization and beyond.


    SURE Teams

    • EDUCATION - Curate & share resources about racial equity
    • SUPPORT - Organize discussion groups/create forums to share & receive support
    • ADVOCACY - Support RVSD Racial Equity Task Force in bringing racial equity into the classroom
    • OUTREACH - Engage and update our community about racial equity in RVSD


    SURE Leadership

    Elizabeth Shafer (Manor)
    Inga Wahle (Wade Thomas)
    Jennie Liu (Wade Thomas)
    Ruth Ann Binder (White Hill)
    Sue Pierce (White Hill)

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