March 29, 2020 - RVSD Updates for 3-29-20

Dear RVSD Families,

Good morning.  In order to keep you updated on the latest information we have to share, please take a moment to read all of the following: 

  • No new Federal guidance regarding Coronavirus-related restrictions:  We are aware of the hopeful statements made at the Federal level relative to restarting the economy, returning everyone to work/school and reinstating our pre-COVID-19 daily routines.  To our knowledge, the Federal Government has not (as of this writing) released any definitive dates or timelines for when all of this may occur.    
  • Statewide “shelter in place” directive continues:  On March 19th, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a Statewide “shelter in place” directive.  This directive remains in effect and as yet we’ve not been made aware of any specific date in which this directive will be altered or discontinued.
  • School closures in effect through May 1, 2020:  In accordance with the press release (copies attached) sent out last week, all of Marin’s TK-14 (including College of Marin) public schools will remain closed through May 1, 2020.  If there is any change in this time frame, we will let you know as soon as we have the information.
  • Spring Break will take place as calendared:  From Monday April 6th through Friday April 10th, RVSD will be on spring break as scheduled on the 2019-20 school calendar.
  • RVSD Distance Learning continues, five days each week:  Our RVSD teachers, specialists and school leaders will continue to be on-line Tuesdays through Fridays (except during Spring Break) and we expect our students to continue their learning independently on Mondays.  This is a great time for students to catch-up on missed assignments, continue working on projects that are due at some point in the future, read independently, practice their writing and more.  In addition, please navigate to our brand new “Mondays and More” pages for TK-5 and 6-8.  Here you will find specific grade-level work in mathematics, reading & writing, science and much more.  We urge you to regularly check our RVSD “Continuity of Learning” site as it continues to evolve.
  • RVSD District Offices open for limited public access:  Until further notice, our RVSD district office located at 110 Shaw Drive in San Anselmo, will be open for limited public access each Wednesday (including Spring Break) from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  During this time we are checking-out Chromebooks to students who do not have access to a computer in their homes, distributing other items to specifically designated families and providing multi-day lunches to eligible students.  Please note that we are able to provide these supports only to students enrolled in our RVSD schools (i.e. Brookside, Hidden Valley, Manor, Wade Thomas and White Hill).  If you have one or more students in high school, you will need to contact the TAM Union High School District to learn what services and supports they are able to offer.  If any of your TK-8th grade children attends a school other than Brookside, Hidden Valley, Manor, Wade Thomas or White Hill, please contact that specific school to learn more about what services and supports they are providing.
  • RVSD staff may be activated as “Disaster Services Workers”:  Public health experts predict that over the next several weeks the number of Marin residents hospitalized with COVID-19 will increase.  In early March, Governor Newsom issued a “state of emergency,” and as we now understand it, his declaration gives local Offices of Emergency Services (OES) the authority to mobilize certain classifications of employees (including those working in public school districts) as disaster services workers.  Right now there are a number of such workers providing support voluntarily to the various “pop-up” programs around Marin, designed to provide daycare for children of frontline healthcare workers and first responders.  The need for workers in these and a multitude of other roles is expected to increase in the coming weeks, as the incidences of COVID-19 hospitalizations peaks.  We do not yet know what this will mean for RVSD employees, but we hope to learn more in the next several days.  Right now we have more questions than answers.  Stay tuned. 

In closing, I know this is a challenging and stressful time for us all.  The impacts of this COVID-19 pandemic, even if we are lucky enough to escape it’s direct touch, are significant and far-reaching.  The sacrifices everyone is making are impossible to assess.  And yet, we must press on.  Even as each sunrise makes me feel a bit like I’m trapped in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” I know this period will one day end.  I’ve no idea when that will be, but it will be.  Until then, from my family to yours, it is our heartfelt wish and hope that you stay well and continue to find sunlight within the shadows.

Best always,


Rick E. Bagley, Ed.D., Superintendent