Ross Valley Mathematics

  • The Ross Valley School District mathematics program is based on the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and places emphasis on the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice that emphasize mathematical thinking and support procedural fluency.

    To that end, our TK-8th grade teaching staff have agreed upon the following components of a mathematics program:

    • Learning is focused on mathematical thinking
    • Conceptual understanding is used to build procedural fluency
    • Math tasks and activities create productive struggle for all students
    • Classroom activities promote student enjoyment and appreciation of math
    • Evaluation of students allows for mistakes and multiple opportunities to show growth

    Our teachers went through a rigorous piloting process in order to identify a curriculum that would serve as a tool to support our mathematics program. All of our TK-5th grade teachers now use Bridges in Mathematics, while our 6th-8th grade teachers work with College Preparatory Mathematics. Both of these programs are problem-based curriculums that present rich, multi-layered tasks for students to solve through collaborative endeavor. 

Number Corner
6th Grade Recipe Project
Area Exploration