Back to School Information & Forms

  • Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year

    We are very excited for the new school year and are thrilled to have you back with us and to have all of our new families join the RVSD Community. Because not all back-to-school items can be provided via Aeries, our online student enrollment system, some of the information and forms will continue to be provided to students on the first day of school and other information and forms are available on our district website.  For parents/guardians who do not have a computer, online, or smartphone access, technology is available in the school offices.  For the forms that are available on our website, if you do not have printer access, either drop by your child’s school office to pick up copies or ask that they be sent to you.

    General Information


    Required Information in Aeries

    The following forms are required to be completed for all students on your Aeries Parent Portal:

    • Family Information
    • Student Information
    • Contacts (please provide at least one emegency contact other than the parent/guardian(s))
    • Medical History
    • Authorizations
    • Documents (includes Annual Parental Notice)
  • Hard Copy Information & Forms

    The following items will be provided to students on the first day of school, and they are also available online.  If you need replacements, you may download them or request a copy from your child’s school.

    1. Parent/Guardian Annual Notice – This information is required to be provided to families annually, and parents/guardians are to verify that they have received and reviewed the information.  The last page of this document does not need to be returned as the verification of receipt/review is included in the Aeries Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement and Release Form.  Please complete this form in Aeries by September 1, 2023.
    2. School Lunch Program 
    1. Technology Use Agreement –This form is required for each student and is to be completed by the student and parent and returned to student’s teacher by Tuesday, September 10, 2021.
    2. YES Foundation - Please go to

    Other Forms and Information

    Please review the items below and complete and submit the applicable forms to your child’s school office.

    Volunteer Information and Application 

    All volunteers must submit a “Volunteer Application” and written verification from a healthcare provider of negative tuberculosis within the last 4 years (i.e. skin test or Risk Assessment Questionnaire).  If in doubt as to whether your participation in our schools constitutes volunteering, please check with your child’s school’s principal and/or administrative assistant. Note that additional requirements apply to those who will be volunteering as field trip drivers and/or chaperones on overnight field trips.

    Family members may volunteer at a student’s school.  For anyone other than a student’s family member who wishes to volunteer, please contact the applicable school office to learn more about the required procedures.  We encourage all persons to submit the paperwork at the beginning of the school year, even if you are unsure you will volunteer, to ensure there will not be any confusion or delay at the time of the event.

    Volunteer Packet (English | Spanish)


    Educational Field Trip Driver

    In addition to the Volunteer Application and TB clearance, the Field Trip Driver form and a copy of the auto insurance policy declaration page for each vehicle to be driven on field trips are also required for any parent/guardian driving on a district school event, including if only driving your own child.

    We encourage all persons to submit the paperwork at the beginning of the school year, even if you are unsure you will drive on a school-sponsored activity, to ensure there will not be any confusion or delay at the time of the event.


    Annual Pesticide Notification

    This form is required only if you wish to be notified before a pesticide is applied at your child’s school.


    Authorization to Administer Medication/Treatment & Authorization to Release Information to Physician

    This form is required only if your student needs to have medication administered while at school.


    Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Program

    This information and application are required only if you wish to apply for insurance.  Note:  The District does not assume responsibility for medical treatment (ambulance transport, surgery, hospitalization, etc.).

    Mail the completed application directly to the insurance company (see application for mailing address).  Do not return it to your child’s school office. 


    Firearms Safety Memorandum

    The purpose of this memorandum is to inform and to remind parents and legal guardians of all students in the Ross Valley School District of their responsibilities for keeping firearms out of the hands of children as required by California law.

    School Offices

    School offices are open from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday – Friday on student days.  

    • Brookside
    Heather Levi: 415-453-2948
    • Hidden Valley
    Mariposa Lewicki: 415-454-7409
    • Manor
    Laura Jordan: 415-453-1544
    • Wade Thomas
    Marlana Kenilvort: 415-454-4603
    • White Hill

    Cary Adriatico: 415-454-8390 x 15001

    If you have any questions or do not have the ability to access Aeries or print the required forms, please contact your child’s school (information listed above) or Teresa Machado, Executive Assistant at 415.451.4060 or