YES, the Ross Valley Schools Foundation

  • YES Foundation Logo The YES Foundation is a non-profit organization that secures the necessary funding and advocates for programs that provide all children in the Ross Valley School District access to a complete education, including meaningful and sustained exposure to the arts and other vibrant educational programs.

    YES Core Values

    • Advocacy - YES champions the arts and other vibrant educational programs, playing an active role in ensuring their quality and sustainability.
    • Collaboration - Parents, teachers, administrators and community members work collaboratively with the district to identify program needs, to set program priorities, and to develop and sustain excellent programs.
    • Commitment - Communities are responsible to their children for the quality of their education.
    • Equity - The programs YES funds are district-wide, providing equitable opportunities to all RVSD students.
    • Exposure - Sustained exposure to the arts and vibrant educational programs is a vital part of each child's school experience.
    • Self-Expression - Children thrive in an educational environment that promotes engaged learning and provides diverse opportunities to develop skills for self-expression.

    For more information or to donate and support YES programs, visit the YES website.