• Teaching and learning in the Ross Valley School District is a collaborative endeavor. Our dedicated teaching staff regularly engages in professional development to deepen their understanding of best practices and share their insights with their colleagues. Ross Valley School District students are supported by all members of our community - the adults on campus, including the parents, are there to help our students thrive both academically and emotionally.

    Our community of classrooms are arenas for inquiry where students and teachers work together to make meaning, whether diving into literature, uncovering the inner workings of scientific phenomena, or developing and sharing strategies to solve real-world mathematical problems. Student academic work encompasses a robust and lively visual arts and music education program that addresses the whole child.

    The Curriculum and Instruction Department is responsible for the district-wide coordination of our TK through 8th grades instructional program, materials, and professional development including:

    • Supporting the implementation of the California State Standards
    • Facilitating the use of benchmark assessments and other measures to better inform instructional decisions
    • Promoting best classroom practices and guiding the implementation of effective instructional strategies
    • Engaging in a continuous cycle of professional learning and inquiry
    • Promoting excellence in student academic achievement through rigor and relationship

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