• Event title: Are You Raising an Antiracist: What Would You Do?
    Date: Wed, April 27, 2022 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm


    We want to teach our children to be kind and brave human beings - to challenge racial biases, recognize racism, lead with empathy and lift up different voices. But can they - will they - when the opportunity calls for it?
    As racism can take place in a range of social situations during the school day, is your child ready to respond? Are you ready to support your child?

  • Join us in an interactive 90-minute speaker event where we’ll explore a sample roadmap for how caregivers can respond to their child in a variety of situations. We’ll also be in conversation and in community with one another, as we practice “What should I say and do when my child…” and share and listen to the multiple perspectives that make up our vibrant RVSD community.
    This community dialogue will build on the themes from our introductory webinar Are You Raising an Antiracist? and will focus on the practical aspects of *how* using real-life scenarios. We’ll also role-play how caregivers and their school community can work in partnership to reinforce and strengthen anti-racist behaviors at home and at school.
    The event is uniquely facilitated by Charmaine Pattinson, Founder of Plinkit, a leading online child development resource and Quise Rodriguez, DEI leadership coach and esteemed elementary school educator and administrator.
    This is an essential topic for every caregiver regardless of race. This event is especially helpful if you’ve ever wondered how to become aware of your child’s experiences and how to respond with anti-racist practices. Join us in a virtual conversation* on April 27 from 6pm - 7:30 pm. RSVP Coming Soon.

    *As this is a community dialogue, this event will be most successful with a 'videos on' engagement.
    Learn more on Plinkit: How to Talk to Your Child About Race, How to Talk to Your Child About Racism, The Guiding Principles on Raising an Upstander, and Raise and Upstander: What Your Child Could Say In-the-Moment.

    This event is brought to you by Plinkit, a leading online childhood development resource for caregivers of young children. Plinkit provides an essential roadmap for navigating the most common hurdles and milestones of raising children. Its expertly distilled content is developed by early childhood professionals and designed for intentional caregivers and educators.

    Plinkithas been featured in several publications including Forbes, New York Magazine and Martha Stewart Living, and has been invited to participate at the LEGO Idea Conference. The company hosts masterclasses among progressive employers, career development networks and preschool and elementary school communities.