Getting to & from School

  • We encourage all our students to take 'green ways' to school whenever possible to decrease traffic and carbon footprints and increase physical activity. Children in our district get to school by walking, biking, rolling and/or taking the bus. The District works closely with Safe Routes to Schools to make walking and biking safe, School Pool Marin to help parents organize car pools and with Marin Transit to provide students with low-cost bus transportation options.

    Marin Transit Student Bus Pass Information

    For more information about the Youth Pass, which is provided through Marin Transit, click here.  For questions about pass sales, contact Marin Transit via phone at 415-419-2533 or email at

    For questions related to safety and operations of the yellow bus program, contact Michael's Transportation at 707-643-2099 x1. 



    School Pool Marin

    A SchoolPool is a way of sharing in the duties of getting children to and from school. SchoolPool options include carpooling, walk pools (“walking school buses”), bike pools (“bike trains”) or arranging bus buddies for school buses or public transit. Two or more families agree to share responsibilities by trading days as pool leaders. Many parents have taken up SchoolPooling as a way to save time, save money and provide a safer way for their children to get to school. SchoolPool Marin is a program of the Transportation Authority of Marin and Safe Routes to Schools. For more information go to



    Safe Routes to Schools

    Safe Routes to Schools programs are designed to decrease traffic and pollution and increase the health of children and the community, Safe Routes to Schools promotes walking and biking to school, using education and incentives to show how much fun it can be! The program addresses parents’ safety concerns by educating children and the public, partnering with traffic law enforcement, and developing plans to create safer streets. Marin County pioneered the national Safe Routes to Schools program that has spread across the U.S. For more information see

    Suggested Route Maps



    Yellow Bus Information for Hidden Valley and White Hill Only

    Marin Transit's Yellow School Bus program, in partnership with the Town of San Anselmo, the Town of Fairfax, and the County of Marin, provides students at White Hill Middle School and Hidden Valley Elementary School the opportunity to ride to and from school on a bus that’s been specifically designed for student transportation operated by drivers trained to service this population. 

    For more information about the Yellow Bus for Hidden Valley and White Hill click here:

    Reduced Price Yellow Bus Pass Information

    In Order to qualify for a reduced pass, you must qualify for free or reduced lunches and you must also fill out the Parent/Guardian Certification for Eligibility for Reduced RVSD Yellow Bus Pass (English | Spanish).  Please send the signed original to your school or the District Office.

    For more information please contact Jenni Wright at 415-451-4074 or