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    CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics)

    CPM is a non‐profit corporation with over 25 years’ experience dedicated to teaching more students more mathematics by providing improved middle school and high school curricula.  The classes are structured to actively involve every student in the process of learning mathematics. The problem-based lessons provide a balance of basic skills, conceptual understanding, and problem solving strategies.  Each lesson has a mathematical objective and focuses on one or more of the mathematical practices.  Homework (the “Review and Preview” sections) practice ideas from the current chapter and previous topics, but spread the practice over several days and weeks so that students have time to become proficient with ideas and skills.  The course contains all of the content and practice standards that new California Standards require, which in turn will be reflected in the new Common Core Assessments.


    Parent Guides

    The Parent Guides for Core Connection Series discuss the main ideas of each unit, offer additional examples, and solve key problems in detail. Each book also contains hundreds of additional practice problems (with answers).

  • Homework Help

    CPM Homework Help links offer 24/7 on‐line help for the homework portion of each CPM lesson for Core Connections Series. The help is tutorial in nature so that students can learn how to use the mathematics necessary to solve the problems. There are hints and most answers to the Review/Preview sections of our courses.  This service is free to all users of CPM texts from any location.



    CPM offers many technology tools that enhance your student’s lessons and help them develop a deeper understanding of mathematics.