RVSD Updates: 4.21.22

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April 21, 2022

The RVSD Updates provide information to our RVSD community from the Departments of Superintendent, Fiscal Services, Curriculum and Instruction, Food Service, Human Resources, Maintenance and Operations, Student Services, and Technology.

Golden Bell Honorees

We are thrilled to announce RVSD’s Golden Bell Honorees for the 2021-22 school year.

These amazing teachers/faculty and staff keep equitable practices and inclusivity at the forefront; are innovative, collaborative, proactive, team players, problem solvers, instructional leaders, risk takers; take initiative, have a growth mindset, step up to the plate; take ownership for all students regardless of their abilities and any special needs; go above and beyond for students, their colleagues, and our schools & District.

  • Certificated Teachers/Faculty
    • Stacy Walden - Brookside 5th Grade Teacher
    • Angie Kastner - Hidden Valley EL/Intervention Teacher
    • Bianca Burgarella - Manor 2nd/3rd Grades Teacher
    • Sandra Lebeau - Wade Thomas 3rd Grade Teacher
    • Alex Obenshain - White Hill 7th Grade Science Teacher
  • Classified Support Staff
    • Mac McArthur - Brookside Sp Ed Program Aide
    • Mariposa Lewicki - Hidden Valley Administrative Assistant
    • Victor Montoya - Manor Building Manager
    • Katy Ahrens - Wade Thomas Library Specialist
    • Andrea Hoffman - White Hill Clerk Typist and Campus Supervisor
    • Casey Crawford - District Wide Grounds Maintenance I
    • Sean Nolan - District Wide Grounds Maintenance II
    • Jorge Orellana - District Office Computer Technology Specialist III
    • Jenni Wright - District Office Fiscal Services Accounting Assistant

Community Partner
The YMCA Before and After Care Program was selected for demonstrating extraordinary support for our students and families.

RVSD Equity Work

Racial Equity Work in Action 

It has been heartening to see all of the racial equity work in our classrooms as we have been visiting Open Houses over the last few weeks. We have one more Open House to look forward to at Manor School on May 25th.

The below resource for families is the result of collaboration between Brookside members of our Parent/Guardian Racial Equity Task Force and Principal Judith Barry-Gougeon in coordination with their Social Justice Gallery Walk.

Raising an Anti-Racist
It’s about “small things, often”
Race is a typical curiosity for children. Don’t avoid or downplay it. Instead, look for ways to turn every day experiences into opportunities to talk about race and racism on an ongoing basis. Here are some specific actions you can take at home:
  • Start early
    By age 4 children begin to show signs of racial bias.
  • Normalize talking about skin color, ethnicity, culture, and language
    “Victor has beautiful brown skin, and you have beautiful white skin.”
  • Talk about and act upon what you believe
    "We are upstanders in our family.  When we see someone being hurt or teased we stand up for them and make sure they are supported and safe.”
  • Name and explain injustice when you see it
    “Did you notice that everyone in this book is white? It was written during a time when many kids went to schools that were separated by their race."
  • Encourage lots of questions…and answer honestly and clearly
    “Why is that woman wearing a head scarf?”…“I don’t know her specifically, but I imagine it is because she is part of a culture where women cover their heads.”
  • Construct a diverse environment for your children
    Diversify your books, TV shows, movies and social experience  
  • Deepen your own knowledge and understanding of bias and racism
  • Seek out resources to support your own personal equity journey and let your child see you make mistakes and acknowledge your own bias.
Take Action! Join these RVSD community events:
  • RVSD Parent Education Series
    • Join “Are you Raising an Anti-Racist: What Would You Do?” on April 27, 6-7:30pm Zoom Link
  • Standing Up for Racial Equity (SURE) - RVSD
    • Part of the RVSD Parent/Guardian Equity Task force, this is a group built for and by RVSD parents to promote racial equity awareness and practices in the RVSD community. Email sure@rossvalleyschools.org to learn more.
Explore these resources:

April 12, 2022 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

For the April 12th meeting recording, click here, and for the meeting agenda, click here.

For past meeting recordings, click here, and for past meeting agendas, click here.

Employment Opportunities in RVSD

Current and 2022-23 Openings

Do you enjoy working with and supporting students while maintaining a flexible schedule that aligns with your child’s? Then RVSD has the job for you! We have the following part-time and full-time positions available:

  • School Counselor/Social Worker (all elementary sites)
  • Speech & Language Pathologist
  • School Administrative Assistant (Manor)
  • Clerk Typist/Campus Supervisor (White Hill)
  • Building Manager (Wade Thomas)
  • Campus Supervisor positions (all sites)
  • Food Service Workers (all sites)
  • Instructional Aide positions (all elementary sites)

For more information about all open positions and how to apply as well as how to register as a certificated substitute, visit RVSD’s Human Resources webpage and/or contact Lori Ross, HR Coordinator, at 415-451-4063 or lross@rossvalleyschools.org.

COVID-19 Information and Resources

Recording of the April 13 Marin Public Health Update for the School Community

In case you were unable to attend the Update, we invite you to watch the recording:

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Students is Delayed

On April 14, 2022, Governor Newsom announced he plans to delay the vaccine mandate for students pending full FDA approval. The CDPH said in a statement that any state requirement for students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 won’t take effect before July 1, 2023.

Symptoms and Isolation/Quarantine Guidelines

Please remember that if any symptoms develop, even if mild:

Guidelines for Prevention and Exposure

The following are current Public Health recommendations:

Face Masks
Though wearing a face mask is no longer required, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) continues to strongly recommend all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, mask in all indoor public spaces. Masks are still one of the simplest and most effective measures to prevent transmission of Covid-19. Marin County Public Health (MCPH) advises school staff and students to consider wearing a mask, especially if they or someone in their household is immunocompromised, at high risk for severe illness, or not up to date with their COVID-19 vaccine. Whether you choose to wear a mask or not, please respect others’ choice.

Stay Home When Sick
Often persons infected with COVID-19 will have no symptoms, or short-lived minor symptoms. Students and staff members with ANY COVID-19 symptom should stay home and test and notify the school and follow the Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines if they test positive or have been exposed to COVID-19. Because a person may test negative at the start of their infection, we urge caution in returning to school. In order to protect others from possible exposure, we recommend wearing a face mask and retesting again 2 days after symptoms began, even if no longer symptomatic.

Exposure to COVID-19
Students/staff members exposed to COVID-19 may attend school/work regardless of their vaccination status. Exposed persons should monitor for symptoms and test 5 days following the date of their last exposure or sooner if symptoms develop. They should wear a well-fitting mask at school and in public until negative test results are received (CalOSHA requires exposed staff to wear a mask for 10 days following exposure).

Persons exposed in the following high-risk situations should be extra vigilant in undertaking the above mitigation measures.

  • Household exposure: Please exercise caution when sending your student to school (e.g. consider having them wear a mask while at school and testing 5 days after exposure). Experience shows that when one person in the household tests positive, other household members tend to follow in a few days.
  • Performing unmasked activities with increased exertion and/or voice projection.
  • Prolonged close face-face contact (e.g., contact sports, indoor group singing, crowded events, concerts or rallies, particularly if indoors).

Helpful Resources

Mark Your Calendars

  • 5.3, 5.10 & 5.31: Board of Trustees Meetings
  • 5.9-13: Staff Appreciation Week
Marin County Equity & Wellness Resources

This section includes information about upcoming events, training, and resources offered in Marin County to support students and families.

Fentanyl Crisis - Student Call to Action March 29 
If you missed this event, check out the recording.

By way of background, the webinar event check out the recording and info on the Call to Action teams that have resulted since was initiated and planned by the inspirational students from Archie Williams (Henry Pratt), Novato (Jessica Mendieta), Redwood (Keely Ganong and Taylor Elliott), and San Rafael (Talia Harter). Note, the links are the individual clips for each student’s segment of the webinar.

Resulting from the webinar was the creation of four (4) Call to Action teams comprising of already established organizations that will further educate and bring awareness around this specific crisis:

A Spanish speaking forum on this crisis is being planned (this event will have live English translation) – stay tuned.

If you would like to receive updates on the Call to Action teams as well as any other upcoming events, please complete (and share) this google form.

Community Section

The Community News section includes non-district/school related activities that may be of interest to parents/guardians and/or students and are shared in accordance with Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1325 Advertising and Promotion. 


Neuro-Inclusive Parent Support Group

Is your child struggling in school? Listen to your intuition and connect with other families going through the same thing. Find out your choices and verify you have a comprehensive IEP. Come to Square Peg Union's next meetup and ask a parent advocate and educational lawyer for free. We are a support group for parents of neurodiverse kids.

Next Meetup May 7 at 4pm
Guest Speaker: Racheal Siegel, parent advocate.
Free tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/307124115497

All are welcome! From any school, any age, no diagnosis, clear diagnosis, special ed, no special ed, all the eds and every background. We are inclusive of all. We are not doctors or professionals. Just local caring parents wanting to build community.

Next Meeting June 4, Janeen Steel, Attorney. She believes that education is a civil right and all students are entitled to an equal and just education. https://www.squarepegunion.com/schedule


Ross Valley Breakers FC - Youth Competitive Soccer Tryouts

Ross Valley Breakers will hold competitive tryouts for the 2022-2023 season on May 14th, 15th, 21st & 22nd at Red Hill Soccer Field in San Anselmo. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to tryout. We are a competitive club for boys and girls focused on inspiring and developing players. Please visit rossvalleybreakers.com for tryout registration and more information. Questions? Luisquezada@rossvalleybreakers.com

San Anselmo Public Library

The library is hosting two events; Night of the Poets on Thursday, April 28th at 7pm and Día de los Niños on Saturday, April 30th at 10am.