Senior Citizen Parcel Tax Exemption

  • The Ross Valley School District offers a Parcel Tax exemption for senior citizens. We offer the exemption using the parcel tax schedule which starts on July 1 and ends on June 1st.

    You must meet ALL of the following criteria to qualify for a parcel tax exemption during any tax year:

    • you must have attained age 65 prior to June 1 of any applicable year;
    • you must be the owner or a beneficial owner* of the parcel;
    • you must use the parcel as your principal place of residence.

    *”Beneficial Owner” means that you have title in your name, or title may be held for your benefit by a trustee or other fiduciary who acts on your behalf, such as a partner, corporation, lessor, obligee under a contract of sale, etc

    Once you have applied and been approved for an exemption, it will remain in effect for each year. You do not need to reapply every year.


    How to Apply for Senior Citizen Tax Exemption

    To apply, download, print and complete our Senior Citizen Tax Exemption Application and then fax to 415-454-6840 or mail to the address below. Please include a copy of your current driver's license or California ID card.

    Ross Valley School District
    Attn: Senior Exemption
    100 Shaw Drive
    San Anselmo, CA 94960