Week 4: Homework!

Posted by Gricelda Calderon on 9/26/2019

Dear 5th grade Orchestra, 

This weeks homework:
-Practice #15-22 in the book 
-Baby Shark (not in the book, on a pink piece of paper) 
-Orchestra Chant (not in the book, on a pink piece of paper) 
-Correct Bow Hold, If you don't remember how to do a correct bow hold, go to page #7 in the book! (on a pencil, not on the bow this week)

Mrs. C :)

Just a couple of reminders:
-Make sure that you have a practice log. (See links at the end of this blog post.) This will also get stapled into your book! You are required to practice 30 minutes each week. This log needs to be initialed by your parents in order to get a stamp. 

Need a Practice Log?
If you need the Wednesday Music Practice log for Manor and Wade Thomas students, click here!

If you need the Thursday Music Practice log for Brookside and Hidden Valley students, click here!

Music Grading Rubric:
Also please make sure you have read your Music Grading Rubric with your parents so that you know what you are being graded on during music class this year.