Week 6 Brass: #22, plus 2 more songs.

Posted by Pete Santucci on 10/10/2019

Week 6 Brass practice assignment:
Song #22 "Split Decision." Line "A" and Line "B"
Plus two more songs from page 6, 7, 8, or 9.

(You may practice #14 or #17 or any other song that you want to play on those pages.)
Also, you should write in the missing notes on exercise 19.

Videos below!!!

Click here for a trumpet video of songs #22, #25 and #31

Click here for a trombone video of songs #22, #25 and #31

IMPORTANT: Instrument playing test coming soon!!!Individual assessment (playing test) coming soon!
Sometime before November 8, I need to hear each student play a song for me individually so that I can assess your progress and give you tips or advice about how you can continue improving.
You may play any song with three or more notes from page 6, 7, 8, or 9.
I will listen to volunteers first, and then I will starting calling names from the class list when I have run out of volunteers. Don't play a song that is too hard, and don't play a song that is too easy for you! Show me what you have learned!