Week 4 Brass practice: Continue to practice Page 4 and 5: Learn your notes!

Posted by Pete Santucci on 9/26/2019

HOMEWORK PRACTICE assignment for Week 4
Hello again 5th grade trombone and trumpet players!!! Your homework for this week is to practice at least 30 minutes total before your next music class on the exercises we practiced in class. Buzz, play long tones, Play low and high, and try to play All the songs on pages 4 and 5.

If you can already play all of the songs on pages 4 and 5, you may go on to page 6 and 7 and start learning some of those songs.

Review 1. Buzz on your mouthpiece a soft, steady, long note.

Review 2. Buzz on your mouthpiece low and high like a siren. (Ahhh - EEEEEE) Change the angle of your air-stream and change the tightness of your lips. Experiment to create different pitches.

Then put your mouthpiece into your instrument and...
Review 3. Play a nice, beautiful, steady long tone through your instrument. (See if you can play 10-20 seconds with one breath.) Do NOT attempt to do this more than 3 times in one day or you may get dizzy!!!!

Review 4. With your mouthpiece still in your instrument, play your instrument and try to use your lips to change between higher notes and lower notes (without changing your fingers on the valves or slide.) If you are having trouble, try thinking of saying "AHHHHH" on the lower notes and  "EEEEE" on the higher notes. Also remember that your lips will have to be slightly looser on the low notes and will have to be slightly tighter or stronger on the higher notes. Try NOT to let your cheeks puff out like a squirrel!

Week 4
Week 4 Homework: (Use the videos below to help!)
Learn to recognize and memorize all the notes on Pages 4 and 5 in your book. (These are also the "Notes in Review" listed at the top of page 6.) Before you play each song, you should use this process:
1. Point to each note and say the name of the note.
2. Sing (or say) the names of the notes while pressing down the correct valves or slide position.
3. Play the song very slowly.
4. Play the song more quickly.

If you can already read the notes and play all of the songs on pages 4 and 5, you may go on to page 6 and 7 and start learning some of those songs.

These videos will help you with pages 4 and 5...
Be sure to watch the correct video for your instrument.
Trumpet players click here.
Trombone players click here.