Rolling Along with Hot Cross Buns and then Lightly Row

Posted by Nicole Smith on 10/7/2019

Sorry about that uninspiring name, I was trying to get all the song names in the title for those of you that don't read the whole post!  But I guarantee you it's worth it to read the whole thing

This week you are working on Page 6, songs #14 Rolling Along, #17 Hot Cross Buns.  If you can comfotably play both those pieces, please start to play Lightly Row (just the first line).  Remember that we are striving for Progress, not Perfection, and play the songs as slowly as you need to switch fingerings or articulate with accuracy.  It is always easier to speed something up after learning it than it is to learn something trying to play it at the speed you want to hear it at.... Go slowly, play slowly.... Soon we will be able to speed the tempo of these pieces up.

For fun play along tracks, access the book's website: a Simple Library of play along tracks is available at, while has different "style" (country, rock, jazz etc....) tracks to play along with and enter the "Student Activation Code" inside the front cover of your book.  . Find the song number you want to play with and make sure your speakers are on. For the "interactive website" you'll need to create a username and a password, for the Library, you will not. 
As always, if there is something you are confused about, try looking through previous blog posts here and watching the videos posted for help with your instrument.  You can also contact me at