Welcome oh Welcome!

Posted by Nicole Smith on 9/8/2019

Hello Fifth grade Woodwind students!  If you're reading this, you are doing one of your homework assignments (I did say to check the blog, didn't I? ) here is the information you'll need in order to practice.  Scroll down and read the blub I wrote for your instrument and don't forget to look at the very bottom of the post for the funny picture. 

Hello Clarinettists!  The following is a series of videos going over what we learned in class this past week: Assembling your instrument, hand position (aka how to hold the instrument), and how to produce a tone.  Diligent attention to details at the beginning of your clarinet journey will assure good habits, and since repetition is the mother of learning, repeating the steps correctly every time you go to put your instrument together and practice will instill good habits from the very beginning!  enjoy. Oh, and this guy, Anthony McGill has some pretty awesome credentials-- he is the principal clarinet of the New York Philharmonic- that means he's the big cheese as far as clarinetists are concerned! He played at the 2008 inauguration of President Obama too! Wow!

And here's one of Anthony playing-- absorb this sound-- this is the sound we all strive to get on the Clarinet!  It's a bit of an advertisement, but ignore that part and listen to him play :)

Hello Flautists!
Here are some videos to watch to support you in your first flutey steps of the year.  I find the guy in the video very clear and easy to understand, and I like his hair gel hair.  I like how he shows the wrong way and also the right way, but really, he won my "this is the video I am posting" contest because of his cool hairdo and his uncanny resemblance to Jack Black.   Enjoy!


Need a Practice Log?
If you need the Wednesday Music Practice log for Manor and Wade Thomas students, click here!

If you need the Thursday Music Practice log for Brookside and Hidden Valley students, click here!

Music Grading Rubric:
Also please make sure you have read your Music Grading Rubric with your parents so that you know what you are being graded on during music class this year.