Welcome to Ross Valley School District

    • We look forward to spending the upcoming years with you and your family!  Our community of students, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators is what make Ross Valley School District a magical place to be.

      New Student Registration Process

      • Online registration through Aeries can be accessed by clicking here.

        Registration for the 2023-24 school year is open and ongoing.  

        For 2024-25 school year, registration will be completely online. Registration for the 2024-25 school year is open NOW!

        If you need assistance with the technology, please contact your school of residence (contact information is below).

      Forms & Documents Required for Online Registration

      The following forms need to be completed and submitted by the parent/guardian at the time of in-person registration. For parents/guardians who do not have printer access, hard copies are available at the school sites.

      In addition, the following information is required to Verification of Residency forms above at the time of registration.

      • Child’s Proof of Age – In order of desirability is the child’s original birth certificate or the child’s passport. When neither of the foregoing is obtainable, the parent/guardian may provide any other appropriate means of proving the age of the child.  Please contact your school of residence for assitance.

      • Proof of Identification of Parent/Guardian is required to verify the person registering a child or proving residency is the legal parent/guardian. The parent/guardian is to provide one of the following: Valid State Driver License, Valid State Photo or Identification Card, Valid Passport, or Government-Issued Photo Identification. 

      • Child’s Most Recent Immunization Record – A copy of your child's most current immunization record is required.

        If your student has not completed their school-age immunizations English | Spanish at the time of registration for the 2024-25 school year, an updated Immunization Record verifying the completion of all required immunizations is due by 4:00pm one week before school begins in August 2024 in order to retain the date/time stamp of all other submitted documents and forms. Immunizations must be verified before a student will receive his/her class/school placement or attend school.  Where Does My Child Get Vaccinations for School?

      Other Information

      Elementary School Enrollment Capacity

      To assist the District in enrollment, staffing, and facilities planning, please complete the registration process by March 1 or as soon as possible. Because many elementary grade levels and schools in the Ross Valley School District are impacted, a student who registers once a grade level at a school of residence is at capacity, the student will be reassigned to another District school where space is available. Any reassignments will be determined prior to the student’s first day of attendance. For middle school, because White Hill is our only 6th-8th grade school, students in these grades are not subject to overflow.

      Board Policies


      Student Transfers

      For information and timelines related to Intradistrict and/or Interdistrict Attendance, please click here.


      Type 1 Diabetes Information Sheet

      Click here for more information about Typle 1 Diabetes.

Campus Administrative Assistant Contact Email Contact Number
White Hill Cary Adriatico cadriatico@rossvalleyschools.org 415-454-8390 x 15001
White Hill Beth DeFrance (Registrar) bdefrance@rossvalleyschools.org 415-454-8390 x 15002
  • If you have any questions about New Student Registration or do not have the ability to print the required forms, please contact your school of residence or Teresa Machado, Executive Assistant, at 415-451-4060.

    For attendance boundary information, click here or contact a district school or Teresa Machado, Executive Assistant, at 415-451-4060.